Display for candy canes from Multiplex Birch

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What have you made?

A cascading display for various types of Candy canes in our Sales Truck with which we visit markets, fairs and fairs. The letters are hand painted and drawn.

How did you make the display?

First we started to come up with the display. Based on practice, we have included various options that are useful during use. Then we measured the things and put them on paper. Then everything ordered at TOSIZE.co.uk. After delivery, a check was made to see if everything was there. Then we put the display together layer by layer. After assembly, where everything fit exactly, every layer sanded and primed. After drying, applied 3 more layers of our Cotton Candy Pink. Letters drawn for appearance and provided with a layer of lacquer. Finally, dismountable assembly in the sales vehicle.

What have the dimensions of the display become?

The outside dimensions are: 75.0 cm x 75.0 cm x 55.0 cm

How next?

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