Displays and storage cabinets for brushes and beauty brushes, By Sander

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displays and storage cabinets for brushes and beauty brushes. these can be used at fairs, in shops and showroom. this is, as far as I know, not for sale on the market, hence DIY. the cabinets can stand on top of each other or separately on a table, etc.

Work description: how did you realize your project

made various working drawings from an idea, the plastic holders for the display cabinet were already present. Considered which sizes were best for the cabinets and which aids (carrying pins, screws, paint, hanging hooks, LED lighting, etc.) and tools could be used. then look on the internet where the various materials could be purchased. the basis was of course the wood, here I found TOSIZE.co.uk the best address. after having made the final drawing I ordered the wood and assembled the cabinets accurately, luckily the measurements were exactly as specified so that everything fit well.

The dimensions of the project

the outside dimensions are for the display cabinet lxwxh = 26.5x45.0x91.0 cm. the outside dimensions are for the storage cupboard lxwxh = 26.5x45.0x83.5 cm.

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