Make your own conversion for a synthesizer organ, by Harry

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I am a classical organist with a great interest in film, musical and pop music that uses synthesizers. That's why I wanted to build a console where I could play both organ and synthesizer. I could use a classic electronic organ for that, but these are big, massive things that I don't find very attractive looking. There are gaming tables that are less massive and look a bit smoother, but these are very expensive. Reason enough to get to work yourself.

Do it yourself with MDF

I bought four keyboards and completely stripped them. The keys remained. To do this, I made a plywood frame to hold these rows of keys in place. But the visible part: the table top and these sides next to the keys I got from 38 mm MDF that I ordered from Nice material! The table top was perfectly tailored. All I had to do was put the legs underneath and it was done. Although: 38mm is thick enough to mill a slot into which a strip of LED lights can be inserted. Beautiful lighting!

The MDF for the side pieces were supplied as a rectangle by My wife, who has a figure sawmill, sawed the sawtooth shape. I now have a beautiful instrument with which I can play both classical organ music and the synthesizer!

Harry, read more about Harry at his website.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

d*w*h cm=110.0 * 135.0 * 135.0 cm /p>

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