Floating worktop in whitewash on solid pine, by Menno

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2 minutes

Create a floating worktop effect in your workspace

Are you looking for a unique and space-saving solution for your workspace? Discover how Menno created a floating worktop without legs with a beautiful whitewash finish on solid pine, perfectly matched to his interior.

The process of Menno's project

In this inspiration project, Menno has created an atmosphere of peace and simplicity by installing a floating worktop that appears to float along the wall. The solid spruce wood was sawn to size by TOSIZE.ie and expertly finished by Menno himself with a subtle whitewash effect. This gives the worktop a fresh look, while the wood grains still remain beautifully visible.

The structure and uniqueness of the worktop

Menno opted for a sleek, modern look by constructing the worktop without visible supports or legs. The brackets are neatly concealed, which gives the worktop a floating effect. Thanks to the custom services of TOSIZE.ie, the worktop fit perfectly on the desired wall.

The right atmosphere in the workspace

Menno installed the floating worktop in a room with a soothing appearance. The bright white walls complement the subtle whitewash of the pine wood and anchor the spaciousness created by the floating design.

The benefits of making your own worktop

By making your own worktop , as Menno did, you get control over the dimensions and choice of materials. Menno chose solid pine because of its robust quality and natural appearance. By determining the dimensions yourself, the top fits perfectly and remains within budget.

Classic beauty with a modern twist

Menno's project is fully completed and exudes a modern , minimalist style. The whitewash treatment gives the solid spruce a timeless yet contemporary allure, making it suitable for many interior styles.

Benefits of Spruce Carpentry Panel

Spruce wood is known for its strength and lightness, which means it is ideal for many DIY projects. By choosing a 28 mm thick pine carpentry panel, Menno has created a stable and durable work surface, suitable for all kinds of tasks.

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How next?

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