Making self-floating desktops from oak, the result of the Netsere family

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Desktops attached to shelving unit with MDF lacquer support. Attachment with L profile to the cabinet and wall. Then place a black scaffolding tube in the middle diagonally against the wall for reinforcement.

Assembling an oak desktop

We made the desktops 'floating'. hung.

Desktop 1

This oak desktop is attached to the cupboard on one side and the other side to the wall. To prevent any sagging, we opted to mount a scaffolding tube in the middle. This tube is placed at approximately 45 degrees on the top and on the wall.

Desk top 2

We mounted the second top in the same way. with the only difference being that there is no wall on the other side. We opted for a stand, which has been mitered (the horizontal part of course also) and is perpendicular to the top.


The two tops are finished with Polyvine colorless wax (1 layer satin and 1 layer matt). Also sawn holes in the top for the cables.

The dimensions of the desktop

Desk # 1: width: 255.0 cm, depth 72.5 cm, height: 80, 0 cm
Desk #2: width: 169.0 cm, depth 60.0 cm, height: 80.0 cm

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