DIY campervan camping kitchen with heavy-duty pull-out and folding table, by Thomas

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DIY camping kitchen in the campervan

Don't you want to enjoy the luxury of a tailor-made camping kitchen on your camping trips? Thomas has done just that and we show you his inspiring project. He built himself a functional and stylish camping kitchen with heavy-duty pull-out, shelf and folding table, perfectly adapting it to the conditions of his campervan.


The basic structure of the camping kitchen consists of precisely cut multiplex panels from Thomas used this to create a robust shelf that is easily accessible at all times thanks to the heavy-duty pull-out. The folding table and other pull-outs provide work space and storage space, ideal for preparing meals outdoors.

Unique details

The black color scheme gives the kitchen a modern and elegant look that fits seamlessly into the design of the campervan. In addition, the edges are cleanly finished and the drawers have practical recessed handles, which makes it easier to use and gives the kitchen a unique character.

Flexibility and individuality

Thomas' self-built camping kitchen shows the great advantages of DIY projects. The custom-made design allowed him to make perfect use of the available space. The freedom in the choice of materials also allows adaptation to personal needs and style preferences while keeping the budget under control.

Camping kitchen with style

The camping kitchen is not only functional, but also impresses with its sophisticated style. With its simple but elegant design in matt black and the finely crafted details, it is a highlight in every campervan.

Advantages of the wood used

Multiplex interior poplar B/BB 12 mm

The choice fell on poplar multiplex panels because they are light but still stable. They are easy to work with and the light wood fibers provide an aesthetic basis for any type of finish.

Multiplex Waterproof B/BB 12 mm

Waterproof multiplex was used for areas that could be exposed to moisture. This ensures durability and protection from the elements, which is particularly important in mobile use.

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How next?

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