Replaced risers on an old staircase with custom plates, by Eddie

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Eddie shows how he cleverly and easily replaced his risers using lacquer board panels cut to size. By ordering the sawing work to size and online, he was able to start his project immediately. Read more about his experience below.

Description from Eddie

The old staircase that was covered with carpet was stripped, the old glue residue was removed, only the risers could not be cleaned. To do this, I ordered custom-sawn lacquer board plates 3 mm in white and glued them to the backs, then first primed, sealed, primed again and then lacquered twice. Some planks had to be planed slightly, because the stairs were not completely equal in terms of length and width of the steps. After the entire staircase has been varnished, it is 'like new' again. and a lot more modern.

How I made this project

Started by stripping the floor covering, which had been glued and stapled. Then removed the glue residue with really dirty stuff (a gas mask was necessary), but the risers could not be cleaned. The solution was to saw 15 pieces of lacquer board 3 mm plates measuring 84.5 x 16.2 cm to size and stick them one by one to the back walls with wood glue. Then prime, seal with acrylic sealant, prime again and then finish with stair paint that is 'slippery'. and prevents slipping. This also means I don't have to attach extra strips to the steps. Finally, the entire staircase was painted and it has become a modern staircase again.

Dimensions of my DIY project

84.5 x 16.2 cm custom sawn lacquer board 3 mm white


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How next?

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