Wardrobe with MDF boards, by Michel

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A wardrobe made in the attic under the sloping space of the roof and using cupboard doors, which hang in a rail system, were created.

Wardrobe under a sloping roof

First of all, a rail system was created on a pair of slats. A rail for the two front MDF panels, behind which a second rail for the rear MDF panel. Then made shelves on the sides and a scaffolding tube in the middle that serves for the hanging area. Made a light point with a switch in the middle of the inside. Then ordered three MDF panels Lakdrager 10mm measuring 168.0 x 153.0 cm that serve as cabinet doors. The rail system allows the plates to serve as a cupboard door.

Large wardrobe made of MDF

495.0 cm by 155.0 cm

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