Budget-friendly wind springs made of okoume plywood primed, by Eric

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2 minutes


The old wind springs were too bad to repaint and, moreover, the connection between the parts was screwed. I made new wind springs with a glued joint of the miter cut parts

Replace wind springs yourself

The measurements taken from the old wind springs and the required lengths ordered from TOSIZE.co.uk. Because I no longer wanted to screw the parts, I always had one side of all 4 panels mitered. Then used the old parts as a template for marking and sawed them to the exact size and shape. The long parts, with the miter cut side, attached to each other with duct tape so that a hinged effect was possible. Then the resulting V-shaped groove filled with waterproof wood glue and, after drying for a while, put it in the correct shape and fixed with 4 pieces of tape. After drying, the tape removed the sharp corner of the stump, sanded and all sawn edges treated with an edge primer. After fitting and a very small piece of adjustment work mounted. And just disassembled again so that the painter can give all invisible sides a lick of paint

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

230,0 x 27,0 x 9,0 cm 190,0 x 27,0 x 9,0 cm

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