Replacing fascia parts of a garden extension, by Ricky

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Description by Ricky

We have an extension in our garden, which is our extra room. We replaced the buoy parts. The fascia parts of the extension in the garden have been replaced with plywood Okoume primed. We ordered these wooden planks from, where they were delivered neatly cut to size and primed. The need for replacement was urgent: the old buoy parts were rotting, as could be seen in the photo. Replacing the fascias provides an improved appearance.

How I made this project

We painted the sides of the new planks twice with edge sealer. Because the panels were delivered already primed, we only had to paint them once. The next step was to accurately measure and pre-drill all the holes. Then we placed the plates. Now it is the painter's turn, who will fill in the gaps and paint the fascias with the rest of the house, so that everything looks sleek and new again.

Dimensions of my DIY project

400 X 50, 20 x 50

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