Cover with buoy parts of waterproof Okoume Multiplex, by Prewesh

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Okoume ordered 25.0 cm x 180.0 (6 pieces) and 2 pieces of 25.0 x 145.0 cm. This okoume order has been chosen as a fascia for a roof / veranda with extra shed.

Buoys for roof

Started redecorating the garden this summer. In the garden I realized a roof with an extra shed. To finish the roof, I chose Okoume parts that I ordered on Why Much of the sheet material was too long to transport myself, by ordering from myself, I had the free choice in length. The okoume parts serve as a fascia for the roof, very happy with the result and delivered products, everything sawn to the millimeter. 6 parts 25.0 cm x 180.0 and 2 parts at 145.0

The dimensions of the roof

540,0 x 290,0 cm

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