Closing the stairs and covering with PVC, by Hugo

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The stairs from the ground floor to the first floor were open, and we wanted them closed. The painting was also not great.
We therefore decided to give the stairs a major upgrade by closing the stairs, partly painting them and covering them with PVC.

Work description: how did you your project completed

I first looked up information on various DIY forums about sealing stairs. After all, you want to know how to do this, and above all you don't want it to creak after carrying out the job.
I soon realized that sawing all the risers to size is quite a job. So I have already ordered these largely custom-made from, together with the slats against which the risers are mounted.

I took the height measurement of a riser and took a fixed length measurement that was longer. then the longest riser. These dimensions were 17.4 cm x 125 cm.

I ordered the risers in 12 mm plywood.
I ordered the slats against which the risers are mounted in spruce, 12 x 12 mm .

After the risers arrived, I cut them to exactly the right length and provided them with the correct angle if necessary. The same with the slats.

I then gave the top of each riser a small curve by shaving off some wood (at the top), from the center to the sides. This ensures that there is 1 to 2 mm of 'free' is on either side of the top of the board, and that carries the board in particular in the middle, and that prevents the stairs from creaking.

The risers are then placed under light tension (tip: a car jack helps works great for this!) and then all the screw holes were filled (several times!), everything was sanded, sealed and painted.
Then painted the front of the risers black and covered the steps of the stairs with PVC and aluminum stair nosings. /p>

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

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