Converting an old bath maker into a laundry room, by Susanne

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I created a practical laundry room in the old utility room, where there used to be a bathroom. The worktop is at standing height and you can store cleaning products on the shelves above out of the reach of children. There is also a rod to hang laundry that is not allowed in the dryer.

Practical custom laundry room

I am not a handyman and I mounted the top on the legs with L corners . The top is also attached to the wall.
I screwed the square cabinet and secured it with wood glue. This stands on 2 shelf supports. The small shelves hang on the wall with a support system. It turned out exactly as I had in mind and I spent a week working on it in the evenings, including painting the tiles, walls and ceiling.

The dimensions of the project

Machine conversion: 130.0 w x 1200, h x 60.0 d
Cabinet: 60.0 x 60.0 x 20.0
Shelves 60, 0 x 15.0

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