DIY: attic cupboard for under a sloping roof, by Thomas

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Storage cupboard under the sloping roof behind the bulkhead. Plenty of storage space for, among other things, all camping gear. 1 hanging section and 1 high cupboard space. Other cupboards with spacious shelves.

Tailor-made attic closet

The cabinet consists of 3 parts in total. The planks are pre-drilled and screwed together for each section. No glue has been used. All screws are screwed with a cordless drill. The parts are also screwed together for a tight result. There is one hanging area and one high area for bulky items. In total there are three compartments with 80.0 centimeter wide shelves with two shelves each. In addition, there are two compartments that are 50.0 centimeters wide, each with 2 shelves. Enough storage space.

The dimensions of the cabinet

Width total: 523.2 cm Height at the front: 158.4 cm Height at the back: 1.33.7 cm Depth of shelves: 67.0 cm Width of shelves: 80.0 and 50.0 cm

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