Hanging chest of drawers in rustic oak, by Hans

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A cupboard had to be installed in the hall for the dog things. It had to be a hanging chest of drawers. Because we have several furniture made of oak, the choice fell on the rustic oak panels from TOSIZE.co.uk. In this way it becomes one with the rest of the house. Because there was no cabinet for sale in the required sizes, I made one myself.

Country cupboard made of oak

All parts are attached to each other with 8 mm dowels and glue. I made the inside of the drawers from white furniture board. At the bottom I provided them with a 4 mm thick wooden slat so that they slide better. Left and right I mounted metal brackets with which the box can be attached to the wall. I did not have access to large screw clamps. Next time I will borrow it somewhere so that it can be more accurate. All in all, a successful first carpentry project.

The dimensions of the box

75.1 cm wide, 60.0 cm high and 33.0 cm deep

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