DIY: Make OSB sideboard yourself, by Gijs

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We made a dresser for the living room in our new house. This from OSB hout with double planks to give it a robust look. The wood has been sanded and varnished after assembling the cabinet. The cabinet is made to measure to fit IKEA Callax cabinets, we have four of these but they are still being painted and varnished in beautiful colors.

Making an OSB sideboard

First I made a small sketch on paper to get an idea of what the whole thing would look like. I then calculated the sizes of all planks and ordered them on Picked up screws, glue, lacquer and sandpaper at the hardware store. Now that all the stuff is at home, I and my girlfriend attached all the planks together according to my drawing on Saturday. Ensured that all screws are invisible by countersinking them and by placing them in invisible places.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

The width of the case is 260.0 cm, the height of the case is 78.0 cm and the depth of the case is 38.0 cm.

How next?

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