Homemade chest of drawers finished with veneer, by Jouke

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Nice project during the Christmas holidays: a plywood chest of drawers finished with veneer. Cupboard consists of two times three drawers with exactly the same dimensions. Front is flash, so a completely flat front.

Plywood chest of drawers

After making drawings and calculating everything three times (usually I make a calculation error somewhere, but not this time), placed the order on TOSIZE.com. This was the second time I've ordered wood from here, previously I've made speakers and ordered the plywood through this site as well. Delivery again fine and all parts cut exactly to the mm and excellently packaged. horizontal bulkhead and the vertical bars milled in. made a mold for the drawers so that they are all exactly the same size and also perfectly square (in both planes). Finishing with veneer of Flex veneer where the entire front is veneered in 1 go (with all drawers), so that the grain continues nicely. The top also runs. Finished with 4 x parquet lacquer (gloss) and finish with matte version of this lacquer.

The dimensions of the box

100.0 cm wide, 80.0 cm high (excluding feet) and 40.0 cm deep.

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