Rural oak sideboard, by Matthijs

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A small sideboard of eiken timmerpaneel (26 mm) with hairpin legs. The panels are mitered (45 degrees) so that they fit together nicely.

Solid oak sideboard

I was looking for a small sideboard for my living room. Since all the sideboards I could find on the internet were too big or too deep, I quickly decided to make one myself. Via I could easily enter the sizes and indicate which sides I wanted to have in miter. After the order, the wood was delivered quickly (even earlier than planned!). Beautiful solid oak. The whole thing was easy to assemble with wood glue and the panels fit together nicely. Afterwards I treated the wood with transparent furniture oil. This gives the wood a warmer color and the wood structure comes out even more.

The dimensions of the sideboard

75.0 cm wide, 31.0 cm high and 25.0 cm deep. With legs underneath, the whole is 71.0 cm high.

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