DIY changing table by Helena

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2 minutes


We are expecting our little Helena in June and were looking for a changing table. Since we didn't like many of the ready-made chests of drawers, we set about building a changing table that was right for us. It was important to us that it had a pinewood look, and we also bought ready-made drawers from a well-known furniture store and refined the whole thing with a modern design. The three large drawers offer enough space for laundry, diapers, cream, oil and many other things that we need for our baby. We really like the chest of drawers and we can also say that we built most of it ourselves.

Description of work: How did you realize your project

It was important to us that we had enough space for the changing mat. Ours is 70 cm long. We therefore decided to build the chest of drawers 72 cm deep. The drawers measure 80cm x 50cm, so it was clear that we needed an internal chest of drawers of 80cm. We also wanted to achieve a total height of around 95cm, so we needed matching feet of 25cm. The side boards also had to be 66cm long. All four boards were screwed together at right angles. In order to hide the screws for connecting the upper board and the intermediate shelf, we drilled so-called pocket holes and connected the boards with rear panel screws. Finally, we mounted the rails for the drawers at the same height, installed the finished drawers, mounted a handle in the middle of each one, and screwed the four feet at the same distance from the outer edge of the lower board. Everything is sanded down and oiled - done!

Final dimensions: What are the external dimensions?

95cm x 83.6cm x 72cm (top and bottom plate) 95cm x 83.6cm x 55cm (side panels right and left)

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