MDF cove for lighting

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We have made a light cove of MDF for installing recessed spotlights. 1 cove for the kitchen and a corner cove for the living room. In total we have placed 10 recessed spotlights and as an extra a light strip.

How did you make the cove?

The starting point for the height was the brick slips. The rachel work is based on this. After placing the battens by means of hammer plugs, I first glued a 6.0 cm strip of MDF on the head. This strip is 24.0 cm wide and because the soffit is 30.0 cm wide, this creates the effect as if the soffit "floats". After this, I placed the bottom of the cove after drilling the holes for the lighting here. After placing the light strip, I placed a 4.0 cm strip of MDF on the end. After painting the cove, the spots were mounted.

What are the measurements?

The soffit is 30.0 cm wide with a total length of 143.0 cm and a height of 8.0 cm.

How next?

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