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An art installation for the Parklicht light festival in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam. The whole looked as if a rectangle had been 'cut' from the pond and placed back a little further. Negative and positive captured in one image.

How did you make your work?

I placed a black perspex plate (format Space Odyssey monolith) in the middle of the pond in the garden of the Tropical Institute. The plate lay on the surface of the water and had light on the underside, making it look even blacker than it already was. At the end of the pond was the same size plate; it was transparent and continuously lit white water ran past it. The work was on display from 13 October to 03 November in the pond of the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.

What have the dimensions become?

The board had the standard dimensions of MDF Black V313, namely 1220 x 2440 mm.

How next?

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