Robust-looking coat rack in niche van Vuren, by Sjoerd

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Coat rack in a niche. Arrives nicely tailored after ordering online. A low shelf with hooks for the children and a high shelf for adults. There will be baskets for scarves, hats, etc.

Custom coat rack

Bottom two shelves with a support on the left and right. Stained, installed, sealed, stained again and ready. Ordered hooks online due to lock down, confirmed. Top shelf brocante holders as shelf supports. Shoes will be placed on the floor and on the first shelf, and baskets will be placed on the top shelf. Actually it happened in no time, just a few hours of work. Some adjustment and sanding is required in a niche, but it can actually be used anywhere. Self-made pine wood used. Sturdy and affordable, also easy to work with.

The dimensions of the project

Planks ordered at 129.0 wide and 34.0 deep

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€ 294,87

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