Hallway closet with shoe cabinet and custom coat rack, by Riaz

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With 18 mm birch plywood we designed and made a beautiful hall cupboard exactly to your wishes. The cupboard consists of a shoe cupboard, two rows of coat hooks and a hat shelf. The shoe cabinet is strong enough to sit on.

Making the most of the hall

To begin with, I primed all visible parts with Sikkens Rubbol BL Rezisto primer. Then I mounted the various parts with screws for the non-visible parts and dowels when it was visible. For extra reinforcement also used construction adhesive with the dowels. After assembly I finished everything with Sikkens Rubbol BL Rezisto Satin. This paint is extra scratch-resistant, considering its use as a sofa, not an unnecessary luxury. Obviously sanded for a while before painting. By the way, I chose the color RAL9016. This is whiter than RAL9010. In addition, also the coat hooks mounted on the relevant plywood parts. Then I placed the cupboard. I screwed the shoe cupboard to the side of the meter cupboard. This by pre-drilling and screwing in the end sides from the meter cupboard. As a result, the shoe cupboard forms one whole with the meter cupboard.

The dimensions of the hall closet

The cabinet has become 147.0 cm wide, 30.0 cm deep and approx. 200.0 cm high.

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