Staircase closed with MDF primed, by Pascal

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Both the downstairs and the stairs on the first floor have been closed for a more chic look, since light had no addition. In addition, it was desirable to make stairs safer for pets.

DIY closing stairs with sheet material

Shortened the ordered planks per steps with a crosscut saw, as this was easier than measuring each plank in advance. Each shelf is attached with 4 chipboard screws 6x80, the holes are pre-drilled and countersunk. The screws and the holes in the stairs are lubricated with wood filler. All steps sanded and filled holes made flat. All seams of the stairs are sealed, both the front and back. To finish, the stairs were painted three times.

The dimensions of the project

Breedte: 240.0 Diepte: 130.0 Hoogte: 300.0 * Per trap

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