Staircase sealed plywood primed, by Wilbert

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Staircase closed with plywood sawn to size. Dowels used and the kit. Finished with acrylic sealant, could have ordered some extra of that, used such a handy plastic corner to make the sealant edges neat. I'm still looking to cover the bottom with felt to absorb more sound.

Trap make-over

Measure steps Numbers 1 to 15 Sand to size (corners / slanted steps) If necessary, coat the bottom with wood glue Make dowels in step Measure hole dowel in step Tac in dowel hole, top edge and back of step Predrill bottom riser and step Sovereigns Screw riser to step Finish and then slightly sanded away at the knobs of the stairs with a sander All steps done Sealing screws Sealant at the top and bottom and side Sand the bottom of the steps lightly Apply wood glue Paint or coat

The dimensions of the project

See order. I should have made the steps a little shorter, now they are just as long as the bottom of the step. But in my view not disturbing

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