Tough low homemade wardrobe from OSB, by Felicia

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2 minutes


I made this low cupboard with separate hanging and laying area for our 6 year old son. The height is ideal because he no longer has to climb in to get his clothes (which also saves me the necessary nervous breakdowns). The cupboard is right around the door, does not protrude from the frame and offers plenty of space to store all kinds of things on top or underneath.

Customize your own wardrobe from OSB

Follow Felicia's step-by-step plan and get started with your homemade wardrobe

  1. Milling trenches in top, bottom, side and intermediate panels to slide in hardboard back wall.
  2. Drilling hinge holes in doors.
  3. Drill holes in the doors.
  4. Fixing the middle part of the boards to the intermediate panels by means of screws. (Work upside down)
  5. Screw the intermediate block onto the bottom panel.
  6. Glue in the side panels and fix them in the right place with tape, extra fixation with screws from the bottom panel.
  7. Position and screw hairpin legs.
  8. Saw the center leg (can also be bought ready-made, I used surplus to make a tapered leg of 30 cm high.
  9. Then turn the cupboard around with the two of you. This way you can easily place the center leg and screw it on from the bottom panel.
  10. Slide the hardboard rear panels into the trench.
  11. Place the top panel and fix it from the inside with seat corners and screws.
  12. Drill half-deep holes in the laying area where the plank should be. This rests on dowels, but you can also use other shelf supports.
  13. Mount rod carriers in another section, cut the rod to size.
  14. Place hinges and adjust doors
  15. Attach handles and check box for sharp bits with sandpaper

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

Lxwxh = 160.0 x 50.0 x 100.0 cm (height including hairpin leg)

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