A custom-made headboard for an IKEA TARVA bed, by Laetitia

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Very easy

2 minutes

The furniture from Ikea is often an excellent basis. But sometimes a bit boring! In this DIY project, Leatitia shows how she made a beautiful headboard based on the IKEA TARVA. She ordered primed sawn MDF to realize this project. The result is a beautiful toddler bed.

Description of Laetitia

Ikea Tarva headboard for toddler. Cloud wallpaper on bedroom side. A night light (or cars, cuddly toys, etc.) now fits on the shelf. A wall is created at the rear that becomes the basis for a craft area. Trays for pens, etc. will be added to this so that the walls are spared from drill holes for the time being. With this project I created small rooms in a large room. A nice little niche to sleep in and a nice desk by the window. And the bed is much sturdier!

How I made this project

The headboard of the Ikea Tarva bed (140.0 x 200.0) paneled with primed MDF. Plates screwed directly to the bed. A very small piece of the ground so that it is not damaged. Cover MDF with non-woven wallpaper and allow the wallpaper to overhang considerably on all edges and staple it in place. Finished with pine slats (over the staples) secured with wood glue and nails, around the headboard. Lightly sanded to remove splinters and sharp corners. The bed is now quite heavy, so don't forget the adhesive felt under the legs.

Dimensions of my DIY project

  • 210.0 cm long
  • 150.5 cm wide
  • 93.5 cm high

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How next?

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