DIY: Make your own headboard from oak slats, by Mariëlle

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A headboard for the head of a single bed. The oak slats are glued to a thickened MDF lacquer support wall. It breaks the room and gives a warm atmosphere.

How do you make a headboard from oak?

The headboard consists of two parts: MDF thickened wall and the mounting of the oak slats. It takes about 6 hours to make. Then let it dry overnight. What else do you need to realize this job? - Circular saw or sawing machine - Damp cloth - Histor Perfect Finish wood lacquer RAL 9010 satin gloss

Part 1: Make a thickened MDF wall yourself

We have all ordered the parts for the wall to measure. In my case, the headboard is 100.0 cm wide by 177.0 cm high. The thickened wall consists of 5 parts: the 'front' and 4 sides all mitered with certain edges so that it could be easily folded and glued together later. The parts at home with the mitered sides against each other and glued with masking tape. Then turned the whole thing over and smeared wood glue on the mitered sides. Because the mitered edges were straight and the masking tape held the parts together, this went super fast! After all the edges were up, we taped the corners again so that they dried tightly together. All this had to dry for an hour. When the glue was dry, all the tape could be removed from the edges. The whole thing was firmly put together and it was time to paint the thickened wall. In my case, this was Histor Perfect Finish wood lacquer RAL 9010 satin gloss, because the other skirting boards are also painted in this color. 2 layers and the whole looked super sleek.

Part 2: Saw the oak slats into 2.0 cm battens

Saw the oak slats to size Unfortunately, does not cut smaller than 4.0 wide. Because we wanted the slats to be 2.0 cm wide, a larger oak panel was ordered and we sawed the 2.0 cm thin slats ourselves. Sawing the templates To evenly distribute the distance between the oak slats, we made small 'help' templates. Since oak battens are known to warp, this helped immensely during assembly. These templates were 20.0 cm long and 2.0 cm wide. The same width as the oak slats so that the spacing was equal to the width of the oak slats.

Part 3: Assembling the oak battens

This was the most exciting part! Oak quickly warps .. and because we did not want holes from a nail gun in the wood, we chose to mount the slats with wood glue. The first bar was the biggest challenge. We secured this with various glue clamps, so that we were sure that it was straight. To prevent the glue from running out from under the slats, we glued 1 lath, after which we spread the glue with a second lath. So gluing went pretty quickly. Because the oak slats were crooked, they had to be securely fixed each time with the glue clamps. Let it dry overnight, and voila, see the result in the picture!

A tailor-made headboard

HxBxD in cm: 177,0 x 100,0 x +/- 6,0

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