Create a stylish bedroom with board and batten accent wall in blue, by Lauren

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Transform your bedroom with a Board and Batten accent wall

Do you dream of a bedroom that exudes both comfort and class? Be inspired by this creative DIY project from Lauren, who has transformed her bedroom using an accent wall in a beautiful blue Board and Batten style, sawn and supplied by

The beauty of MDF in your bedroom

In this project, MDF, a versatile and editable material, is put in the spotlight. Lauren chose MDF Blank in different thicknesses to create an elegant and timeless Board and Batten wall. This wall, painted in a serene blue shade, is not only a visual eye-catcher but also increases the feeling of tranquility within the bedroom.

The construction of the accent wall

With precision and attention For detail, the MDF was cut to size by, after which Lauren attached the individual elements to the wall. The Board and Batten technique is characterized by the horizontal and vertical frames that together form a geometric pattern, which gives extra depth and character to the room.

The color that makes the difference

The choice of the color blue is not only stylish, but also has a practical reason. Blue has a calming effect and contributes to a better night's sleep, which is essential in a bedroom. The deep blue-green shade combines beautifully with the other elements in the room and makes the bedroom a harmonious whole.

Why making it yourself is so satisfying

By getting started with this project, Lauren had the freedom to choose the dimensions and material according to her wishes. The flexibility in dimensions and choice of materials ensures that the bedroom could be customized entirely to your own taste and within the set budget.

A step towards a personal style

The completion of this project radiates a modern core with classical elements. The Board and Batten technique adds texture and a vintage touch, while the choice of blue color ensures modernity. This makes the accent wall fit perfectly in a contemporary bedroom.

The advantages of MDF Blank

MDF Blank is an ideal choice for interior construction thanks to its smooth finish, easy workability and homogeneous structure. The 9 mm variant provides strength, while the 6 mm variant is perfect for the finer details. This project made clever use of these properties, resulting in an aesthetic and sustainable end result.

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How next?

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