Sleek homemade bed headboard, by Jacco

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A headboard of MDF Lakdraag

I made a headboard from individual parts of MDF Paint Wear. You place this behind your bed and immediately serve as a bedside table. Paint, fix and the headboard was done!

Make your own headboard

I made a headboard from loose sheet material parts for the head of our bed. We opted for MDF Lacquer Wear, which means that the panel material was already supplied with the primer, which is very practical. The wood parts were also already mitred. You can choose this yourself, this is certainly not mandatory. I myself cut 2 rectangles from the largest wood part for the 'bedside tables'. Then came the assembly: The connecting pieces were fixed with wood glue. For the sturdiness I made a frame of wooden beams. The bedside tables (internal) are fixed between the beams with mounting kit.

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

Height: 110.0 cm Width: 265.0 cm (front plate)

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