Headboard Underlayment, by Monique

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Behind the bed we have concealed a control box by means of a cove / headboard consisting of three plates of underlayment. In this cove we have concealed the grounding for the bedside lamps and the telephone charger. Functional and beautiful!

How did you make the headboard?

First we made a digital drawing of the intended end result. We then had the Underlayment boards cut to size and miter. We attached the corners to each other using metal corner profiles. We were able to easily install the reading lights and telephone charger and come from IKEA. The headboard is not attached to the wall as it is stuck between the wall and the bed. The next step is to lightly sand and finish the whole thing, so that it is removable and does not yellow in the sun.

What are the measurements?

The dimensions are 240.0 cm x 120.0 cm x 20.0 cm

How next?

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