A homemade block staircase with storage space for a loft bed, by Fenna

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2 minutes

Description of Fenna

This is the last part of the previously shared project (found: loft bed Fenna). It is a multi-functional block staircase for reaching the loft bed. Each block is also a storage space. It is a total of 4 blocks with 1 or 2 storage spaces. I had to get to a height of 1m50 in about 85cm, so I had to be smart about the steps. There are 2 square steps and 2 shallow, wide steps. The last step is the step into the bed.

How I made this project

I made a drawing in Sketchup. However, before I could measure the actual dimensions, the loft bed itself had to be completed first. And even then I ordered certain planks longer, so that I could cut them further to size on site. There is no wall perpendicular or straight, so that made it extra challenging. I assembled the blocks one by one and assembled them together one by one. First measure carefully, saw, pre-drill, screw. I wanted as few screws as possible to be visible (on the top and sides), so I attached all the planks to the invisible parts. I attached the top planks to the inside with corners.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width: 85.0 cm
Depth: 72.0 cm
Height: 150.0 cm

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How next?

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