Cabinet doors for (custom made) Ikea PAX cabinets, by Hasse

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Built-in wardrobes were quite expensive, so that's why I used Ikea PAX cabinets in both the bedroom and the attic. For the attic, in addition to two high cupboards (236.0 cm), I also cut three cupboards off so that they fit under the sloping roof.

Cabinet doors made of Multiplex Birch

I showed the 'normal' doors in such a way that they corresponded to the Ikea sizes. I had looked in advance where the hinges should go so that the screws of the hinges would not buy too close to the existing holes in the body. Drilled the holes in the door using a homemade template and then the holes in the body. For the angled doors in the attic, I dropped the doors almost all over the front of the cabinet so I could cut the bottom to size afterward.

Custom made cupboard doors

Cupboards height: 236.0 cm Bedroom width: 200.0 cm Bedroom depth: 58.0 cm Attic width: 277.0 cm Attic depth: 58.0 cm.

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