Custom cabinet for sainsmart genmitsu prover 4030, by Paul

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Formwork with sound insulation for the sainsmart genmitsu prover 4030 CNC milling machine. Outdoor plants 21 mm thick MDF, 45 mm cotton for insulation, and 9 mm thick MDF as inner walls

Formwork for milling machine

- Construction drawing in CAD - Have planks cut to size by - Assemble completely with screws, do not forget to pre-drill - Cut cotton to size with a screen knife - Screw inner plate to outer plate with long screws (70 mm) - Install hinges for the doors - Install magnetic locks for better closure - Make a hole in the back for cabling - Install LED lighting on the inside - Mount wheels at the bottom - Insulate the cracks for perfect sound insulation

The dimensions of the furniture

93,6x89,3x80,0 cm

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