Roof window paneling with poplar plywood, by Frank

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First I replaced 2 old velux skylights with 2 velux GGU skylights, which I then neatly refinished with primed plywood. Nicely painted at the end.

Replacing and finishing roof windows

For this project I first ordered 2 new roof windows from Velux. I have opted for the MK04 GGU incl, outside blinds. However, while assembling the windows, I soon found out that the old paneling had to come off because the old frame was glued. The slots where the paneling would fall in the new frame is 12mm. This is the reason I chose 12mm plywood for the vertical slats. for the flat slats I chose 9 mm so as not to have a slat too thick on the ceiling. This looks a little less bulky. on the outside I had a nice edge milled with a radius of 4 mm, for a nice finish. After unscrewing everything neatly putty, sanded and painted.

The dimensions of the project

95.0cm by 92.0cm

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