Flight case for products such as mirror balls, MDF by ESP Productions

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We have made various boxes from 9 mm MDF planks for the safe transport of mirror balls, for example. The inside is lined with foam and the outside painted with Warnex paint. This way we have a cheap solution so that the products can still be transported safely.

Flight case made with MDF

We first noted the sizes of the product. Then add 1 cm on each side for the foam. For example, I calculated everything manually how big the box had to be and how big each shelf had to be with the lid. When the planks came in, we painted them all first. We put them together using Penn Elcom's material. and that's how we popped all the corners. Foam glued on the inside, handles, closures and hinges put on and the box is ready. An inexpensive way to safely transport the material.

The dimensions of the project

These are all different boxes with different sizes.

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