Customized HIFI rack for sensitive audio devices, by Eric

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In this DIY project, Eric shows how he made a custom HIFI rack himself. To get started right away, he ordered the sawn sheet material online. Read more about his experience and approach below.

Description of Eric

A rack for a tube amplifier, CD player and preamplifier (also with tubes).

How I made this project

Starting from 24 mm MDF plates as inert supports of the Hi-Fi equipment, supported on each other by means of stainless steel points and receptacles that are in turn attached to beech wood columns of diameter with two-component glue 40mm. These columns are glued and screwed into a recess in the MDF panels. The whole guarantees a vibration-free setup. The MDF panels are treated with two layers of PU primer paint and then with two final layers of PU water-based paint. Everything was applied with a fine silk paint roller.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height: 76.5 cm
Width: 59.0 cm
Depth: 42.0 cm

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How next?

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