Handcrafted compact speakers with external tweeter in humidor style, by Werner

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2 minutes

Unique DIY project: DIY compact speakers

Imagine being able to combine your love of music and your craftsmanship in a unique DIY project. Werner has achieved this by creating compact speakers with external tweeters and an external crossover that were used in an exquisite humidor.

Detailed manufacturing

The essential basis for Werner's masterpiece was the precisely cut 25 mm thick MDF from TOSIZE.ie. The selection of components, especially the externally placed tweeters, testify to Werner's technical expertise and his sense of sound quality.

The centerpiece: The crossover in the humidor

Particularly noteworthy is the crossover that Werner has cleverly housed in a humidor. This exquisite detail not only adds a functional advantage by improving the electro-acoustics, but also emphasizes the uniqueness of the project. The heart of the system is visible through the glass window of the humidor, which brings an appealing visual component.

Placement in the living room

Werner's compact speakers have found their perfect place in the living room, where they impress both acoustically and visually. Their rustic aesthetic blends seamlessly with Werner's homely interior, proving that technology and design can go hand in hand.

Benefits of Doing It Yourself

Werner's project clearly shows how flexible DIY projects can be. The customization of TOSIZE.ie allowed for a perfect fit to the desired dimensions, while the freedom in material selection led to the creation of a completely individual piece. In addition, Werner was able to keep a close eye on the budget by manufacturing the speakers himself and implement his ideas without compromise.

Style and perfection

The rustic style of the speakers mixes elements of classic craftsmanship with modern audio technology. Despite their stability, the compact design allows flexibility in positioning, making them more than just a technical gadget - they are also a piece of craftsmanship.

Advantages of natural MDF

Finally, the material should be highlighted: natural MDF is not only stable and durable, but also offers an excellent basis for the sound development within the loudspeaker boxes. By processing the MDF, Werner was able to play a decisive role in shaping the appearance and realize his vision of a harmonious combination of function and design.

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How next?

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