Volkswagen transporter camper kitchen, by Laurens

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For our DIY camper we made a kitchen unit in an L-shape. For example, a compressor cool box fits exactly in it and we have enough space for water tanks and other storage. The worktop is ultimately made of bamboo.

Work description: how did you realize your project

First of all, we noted the dimensions of all built-in equipment such as the sink, cool box and clean and waste water tanks. Based on this we were able to determine what the total size of the L-shape should be. We then calculated how big the different drawers and cabinets needed to be to have enough storage space. We have processed all this in a drawing in Sketchup to get a good idea of the end product. The frame consists of a number of slats with large dividing walls. By not making a frame of slats first, you save precious centimeters that you desperately need for your drawers. The frame is fixed at the rear with bolts and must be installed in existing holes in the chassis of the bus and can therefore also be disassembled for possible maintenance. After the frame we mounted all drawers and doors. Finally, the worksheet followed. Ultimately, everything is of course fitting and measuring, so unfortunately it is not immediately ready-made; you still have to make some adjustments here and there to make it fit. But this is a very nice base! It was very nice to receive the largest parts already cut to size; I don't have a table saw myself, so it's difficult to make nice straight ends.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

Height 90 cm Depth 70.0 cm / 52.0 cm Width 106.5 cm

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