A stair cupboard in three simple steps by Patrick

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2 minutes


There is often a triangular hole under the stairs where things are put. It quickly becomes a mess that way. The hole is triangular, so it seems difficult, but it is not so bad.

This is how you make a stair cupboard in 3 steps:

  • Measure the bottom and the height of the hole and order the plate with the shape 'right triangle' on that size. If everything was straight, the plate will fit exactly in the hole. I used primed plywood which is light and strong. I chose a thickness that was thinner than the edge of the stairs so that everything would fall inwards. You also order some slats of the correct size.

  • Make 2 saw cuts at the top and side of the plate so that you get 2 triangles and a pentagon. I used a circular saw with a crossbar so that the cuts were straight. Due to the thickness of the saw, you now also have a door (the pentagonal part) that has enough room to turn.

  • Assemble everything. Mount the triangles on slats that you have attached behind the side of the stairs, mount 2 concealed hinges and hang the door. In my case I had to remove something from the bottom of the door because the floor is not flat, but everything else fit perfectly.

  • The result, a stair cupboard in three simple steps. And a practical description of how you can create your cupboard under the stairs with a little help from OPMAATZAGEN.nl.

    Final format: What are the outside dimensions?

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