Staircase made of Multiplex Birch, by Menno

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We had a beautiful new staircase installed in our recently bought house. Under the stairs we have a lot of space that we wanted to make the most of. We have placed a door for this and to use the small space at the bottom of the stairs we have made a drawer. We had already made this drawer in an earlier project. For the finishing we have had multiplex birch fronts made to measure

Create storage space with a stair cupboard

When the drawer is fully extended, it will lower slightly. This decrease is mainly on the side where the weight is, so left side of the drawer. To compensate for that drop and to create a nice appearance, we tried to keep 0.5 cm of play everywhere. Measuring for the front was still difficult in the bottom corner because of the point, but the end result looks pretty tight. We primed the fronts and painted 9016. We bought the handles elsewhere and received the hinges from family.

The dimensions of the project

The door: Rectangle with chamfered short side (166.3, 103.4) x 55.6 cm Drawer front: Rectangular Triangle 102.8 x 91.1 cm

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