Staircase made of birch plywood, by Wouter

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This is a stair cupboard for the loft bed. It is 400mm deep and made of birch plywood. Under the steps there are square compartments to place books or baskets.

Custom made stair cupboard

The planks are 400mm deep and made of birch plywood. (18mm). The connections with wooden dowels (5 pieces 8mm 40mm) and additional screws (blind) at some places during installation. The connections are not glued. The working drawing is important with regard to mounting and power distribution. The cubicles are internally 315mm x 315mm. The cupboard is anchored to the wall at the top in 1 place for stability (falling over). Gluing was the original idea, but 5 wooden dowels and screws turned out to be sufficient for the rigidity.

The dimensions of the project

168,3mm x 168,3cm

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