DIY stair cupboard with storage bins, by Rutger

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My children sleep on a loft. To make optimal use of the space in the room, I made a design for a cupboard that you can walk up to. There is various space in the stair cupboard where you can store items of all sizes. The space is designed in such a way that you can place standard (Ikea) drawers or baskets in it. The construction is made in such a way that it is strong enough to stand on.

A lot of storage space with this stair cupboard!

After I had made a design so that the cupboard fit but also structurally was strong enough, I placed an order at At all the Multiplex Birch wood is then sawn to the correct dimensions. Some stair sections have also been completed. This made assembly a lot easier and reduced the chance of incorrect sawing. I then assembled the stair cupboard using dowels and a few screws. After the cabinet was assembled, I primed it and then varnished it.

The external dimensions of the project

210 cm (Height) x 200 cm (width)

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