DIY: balustrade of Vuren carpentry panel, by Simeon

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2 minutes


A balustrade for the side of the spiral staircase. Without this balustrade it was not possible to install a stair gate so that my daughter cannot climb up.

Custom balustrade

The tricky part was that the balustrade could not be attached to the wall (there is a shaft for a drain pipe, so I could not screw it to it, because then I would risk leakage). The floor was also not optimal for securing a balustrade. The side of the stairs was also not very suitable, because then I would create a large lever, which would be at the expense of the strength (a stair gate of one meter high, only attaching it to the bottom 4 cm gives a lever of 1: 25). That is why I ordered 3 blocks of wood from One to fill in the triangle at the bottom of the side of the stairs. One to screw against both the triangle and the side of the stairs (where I made recesses for the steps, because they protrude further). One to serve as the underside of the balustrade. Here I worked quite a few screws of 10-14cm long and 8mm thick. The result is a very strong balustrade, which is only attached to the staircase itself, not to the floor or the wall. It may look a bit unorthodox, but now I can finally attach a stair gate to the stairs, so that my 1-year-old daughter doesn't climb the stairs.

The dimensions of the project

142.7 (h) x 75.6 (b) x 9.3 (d)

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