Aquarium furniture with litter box underneath, by Artuur

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We wanted a solution for the litter box and also an aquarium in the house, but we don't have too much space. Conclusion: an aquarium furniture with a litter box underneath (made to measure, and sturdy enough to withstand ± 100 liters / kg of water, based on the size of the litter box).

DIY litter box, plus aquarium

Furniture itself: Made a drawing, ordered wood from (everything delivered accurately to mm), screwed everything together with wood glue and MDF screws, screw holes filled with wood filler, sawn a cat flap (drill hole + jigsaw) and lacquered the result. (off-white) with a roller. Then made small round black furniture feet underneath, made another shelf in it and screwed in the door with hinges (present Blum Clip hinges). Aquarium (perhaps less related, but possibly fun anyway): Glass plates ordered to size (elsewhere) and the aquarium with corresponding dimensions sealed together (after finding a DIY tutorial on, checked for leaks and removed sealant residues. See photos for the result.

The dimensions of the project

60.0 x 44.0 x 100.0 (width x depth x height in cm).

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