DIY outdoor scratching post for cats, sealed by Yvonne

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Welcome to Yvonne's DIY project

Are you a cat lover and looking for a unique outdoor scratching post for your beloved pet? Then follow this inspiring example from Yvonne, who has created a robust and sealed scratching post made of Multiplex Waterproof B/BB 8 mm wood.

The outdoor scratching post in detail

Yvonne's scratching post is a work of art in itself. Multi-storey and with a stable base, the main object offers a play and rest area for cats, protected by a seal that protects the wood from the elements. The natural wood color harmonizes perfectly with the green outdoor area in which the cat enclosure is located. A standout feature is the straw, which creates a warm shelter in the lower part of the tree.

The optimal DIY environment

The scratching post stands on a terrace surrounded by a net so that the cats can play safely without escaping. Surrounded by nature and overlooking an open landscape, this place not only offers a pleasant area for the cats, but also a visual highlight for the viewer.

Advantages of self-construction

Yvonne's decision to build the scratching post herself has many advantages. The satisfaction of having created something with your own hands is priceless. In addition, self-construction allows the design to be adapted to the specific needs of your own cats and to integrate it into the existing environment.

The rustic charm of the scratching post

The design of the scratching post is based on a rustic style, which is evident in the robust, natural wood and the high-quality workmanship. Yvonne has managed to skilfully combine functionality and aesthetics in a project that invites the cat to climb, play and relax.

The advantages of Multiplex Waterproof B/BB 8 mm wood

Multiplex Waterproof B/BB 8 mm wood is ideal for this outdoor scratching post. It is characterized by its high resilience and weather resistance, making it the perfect choice for any outdoor project. By using this material, Yvonne ensures that the scratching post is long-lasting and resistant to moisture.

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How next?

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