Make your own custom terrarium for King Pythons, by Steven

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2 minutes

Description by Steven

A new terrarium for my two King Pythons. The old terrariums I had were a bit too small for an adult Royal Python, so two new ones had to be installed. But because the standard factory terrariums that you can buy did not fully meet my wishes and requirements, I decided to design and build a new terrarium myself. After some sketches and a simple design in a 3D drawing program, I got to work.

How I made this project

The framework consists of a handy tube system from with plastic couplings for the corners and other connections. All tubes can be ordered to size online and are easy to assemble yourself. The walls are perfectly cut to size Okoumé waterproof plywood panels of 8mm thick. These panels sit firmly between the double flanges of the aluminum profiles, so nothing else needs to be glued or screwed. The side and rear walls were then insulated with polystyrene foam plates and finished with flexible tile adhesive and wall paint in different colors. For a natural 'jungle look' Plastic plants were then also added to it. Because Pythons like to sleep in underground shelters during the day, I made a kind of drawer on both sides of the terrarium. They feel safe there and it is easy for me to quickly check how they are doing.

Dimensions of my DIY project

120.0 cm wide, 60, 0cm deep and 160.0 cm high.

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How next?

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