Bench for a French bull MDF black, by P.Kerks

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Bench for a French Bull. My daughter wanted a luxury crate for her Frenchie. It had to match her other furniture in terms of color and appearance.

Custom luxury bench

The dimensions of the ground cushion are based on 85 x 60. Around it made with an 18 mm MDF drawing. Image example taken from the internet, unfortunately cannot show a complete image of this as this may be copyright protected. Adapted this image to my daughter's wishes. The whole thing put together with the help of wooden dowels, then reinforced with wood screws. Back wall of hardboard. Bare pine fired and stained. An old standard bench used for the trellis work. Furthermore, the barndoor rail adapted to the size of the bench.

Dimensions of the bench

Height 68.3 cm Width 98.1 cm Depth 60.5 including the sliding doors and sliding rail, a total of 65 cm

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