DIY cat tree with MDF plateaus!

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Modern cat tree or climbing pole. A pole where our cats can climb, romp, but also rest. High up in the tree they can see everything nicely and they feel safe. The cat tree has a modern look based on an aluminum pole that is clamped between the floor and ceiling. The steps are round discs of MDF .

DIY: cat tree

The base of the pole is made from an old IKEA cabinet of the Stolmen type which we bought on the marketplace. The trays are 22 mm MDF discs painted with silk matt lacquer. We had the discs made at and they are very nicely circular in shape. Round holes have been drilled in the discs with a hole saw so that the discs fit over the post. They are clamped to the post with the standard shelf holders from IKEA Stolmen. In the end we realized two cat trees

The dimensions of the project

Height of the tree is 260.0 cm. The smallest discs are 26.0 cm in diameter and the largest disc is 45.0 cm. The middle disc is 40.0 cm. The tree has a total of 6 discs with a mutual distance of 30.0 cm. The bottom disc is mounted at a height of 45.0 cm from the floor.

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