Homemade food bar/dog waterer by Birgit made of plywood

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Since normal dog bowls often tip over or get pushed around, we made two different food bars/drinkers/feeding places for our dog. So that you can eat and sip water at a comfortable height and everything stays in place!

Project 1:

Made a cuboid box from the multiplex panels (made to measure) from Tosize.de, sanded the surfaces with 40/80/120 grit, rounded all the edges /beveled. In the upper part, 2x round cutouts (for bowls) were made with a jigsaw and the edges were also broken and sanded very finely. Then all surfaces were flamed/blackened with a blowtorch. Logs/branches of fruit trees cut into thin but uneven slices. These are glued to the surfaces on the front and sides, and the gaps are filled with small pieces of wood. Stainless steel bowls inserted into the cutouts. Done!

Project 2:

Similar to project 1, a substructure was built from the multiplex panels. Attach Senna glued wood panels to this and proceed in the same way as for project 1 (but lift Senna instead of round timbers)

Project 1: D 26.0 cm x L 49.0 cm x H 30.0 cm

Project 2: T 27.8.0 cm x L 49.0 cm x H 31.0 cm

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